Proofreading Services:

  • Professional, objective, and detailed feedback is assured.

  • Grammar, spelling, and structure correction.

  • Character, plot, and general script inconsistencies, as well as repetition flagged.

  • I am confident working with UK & US English differentials.

  • £5 Total for Script between 10 to 20 pages in length.

  • £10 charge per 30 pages of script for scripts of greater length.

  • Deposit required in certain cases, e.g television series script episodes being sent one by one over months.

  • Prompt and clear notes typed directly onto your script file in order to facilitate efficiency, and transfer of corrections.

Qualifications & Experience:

BA (Hons) Drama Degree from Exeter University

7 Years of professional experience reading scripts from both an acting and producing point of view.

Feature Film, 85 page script proofread: ‘Car Park Killer’ by Ross Boyle, screenwriter.

Short Film, 38 page script proofread: ‘After Dark’ by Jay Martin, for Sharp Edge Productions.

Television Series, 60 page per episode, 14 episodes total, proofread: ‘The Seeing’ by Peter Slucock, for Eaglebeak Enterprises.

Feature Film, 120 page script proofread: ‘The Eternal Madness of the Mind’ by Keyser Khan, for Producer Sam Ullah.


One of the last things an independent film maker would consider is spending any money on proof reading the script. However, a tight script devoid of errors and with all major plot holes filled can save much important filming time and far less headaches in post.

If you are considering having your script looked at then Francesca's rates are pitched to meet the low budget end of the scale. Her skills, however, are very much at the professional end of the spectrum.

Fortunately I am now working with sensible budgets but I still use her to evaluate all my scripts. Not just because I am a cheapskate, but because she is very good at what she does”

Peter Slucock

Eaglebeak Enterprises

I would like to thank Francesca personally for doing a fantastic job of proof reading my script. Absolutely professional and dedicated.

Thanks for the wonderful prompt service.

Sam Ullah

Filmcell International

“Francesca did an incredibly thorough job when proofreading the screenplay for my short film, 'After Dark'. Not only was she able to pick up on everysingle grammatical or spelling errors within the screenplay, but she also offered welcome suggestions on the structure and pacing of certain strings of dialogue. As well as the rewording of action lines and descriptions to save valuable page space! 

Not only that, but Francesca took the time to really immerse herself in the story I was telling, and was able to offer her overall thoughts on the story, and quality of the screenplay, and all this for an incredibly reasonable price! 

I couldn't recommend her services more!”

Jay Martin

Sharp Edge Productions

“As someone who’s just finding his footing in screenwriting, proofreading wasn’t really something I had considered before. Francesca pointed out all grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies in my script that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and now I feel my script reads so much better. Her analysis is thorough, professional, honest, and constructive.

I’ll definitely be keeping Francesca’s services in mind for any future scripts I write. Highly recommended!”

Ross Boyle